sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009


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  1. Dear Ignacio:
    regarding your question,
    that is the great invitation that life sends to life itself, for regular people just like you and me to do exactly that, and we are able to do exactly that. It has only been people like you and me who have, in fact, done exactly that.

    People who live exceptional lives are not necessarily exceptional people. They're just
    ordinary people like you and me. Martin Luther King Jr. was a regular person. Gandhi was just a regular person. He wasn't born on another planet, he wasn't anointed personally by God. He didn't receive some sort of special gift from the universe. He was a regular person like you and me. Mother Teresa was a regular lady, like a whole bunch of other people on this planet, but ordinary people doing extraordinary things - that's what now will change the world.

    Regards, Neale D.W.

  2. Listen this: Is Simple Great from an Ordinary Mobile Sales-Man
    Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma at "Britain's Got Talent".

  3. Yo soy extraordinario haciendo cosas ordinarias.
    Se lo debo a la madre que me trajo al mundo.
    TL- Cuzco/Perú